Tony Harrod THP

Vocalist and musical styles: Jazz, blues, pop, country, Latin, gospel & reggae (roots & dance hall), hip-hop as well. Tony began playing guitar when he was thirteen. At sixteen, he joined his first professional group, “The Mar-Tribs. The band sometimes opened for the “Dynamic Superiors”. They also opened for groups such as ‘KOOL & THE GANG”, THE DETROIT EMERALDS” and “THE SOUL CHILDREN”.

Tony went on to play with the "The Commissioners”, “Scacey and the Sound Services” “Third World Revolution”. Tony Played with ‘Rock” Tipton, and Ed Putman and the Merrimacs for five years. After leaving the Merrimac's, he played with the jazz-rock group “The Sounds Of Us. Performing with this group took Tony's guitar abilities to a new level of playing/performing. Tony wrote his first song “Sheila’s Moods”. The band backup up “The Undisputed Truth” hot from their record releases, “Smiling Faces” and “Help Yourself” on Motown Records. This afforded him the opportunity to see some road work; opening for such groups as “MAXANN” Edwin Birdsong, “THE DELLS” and Millie Jackson.

He met Sugar Foot of ‘The Ohio Players” and Johnny “Guitar” Watson around this time. he reunited with Ed Putman’s band, this time becoming the band leader and musical director. During a slow period, Tony created his own group, and began songwriting. His songs were later recorded on an album with the group ‘WALDO” for CBS Records. Tony played with “Junior” Fendwick who needed a guitarist for his new band “HOT COLD SWEAT.” He began a friendship with the drummer “Perk” Jacobs, who joined right after his stint with the ‘BLACKBYRDS”. Tony performed with the ”Byrds for their “Greatest Hits tour. He recorded with another “BLACKBYRD” saxist and flutist, Allen Barns for his ‘Humpin Records” label. Tony was a guest artist, and contributed to the arrangement for the song, “Galactic Interlude”. Tony co-founded the group, “ GOLDEN STORY”. He played with Perk again, this time with “Atlantic Records” artist Wayne Davis.

Tony performed with a group he helped organize with keyboardist Reggie Staggers called “Visions” that recorded his song “Loved by You”. The band also did some local TV shows including ‘STUFF” a kid’s show for NBC-affiliate WRC 4. He continued to write songs, including ‘THOSE OLD MEMORIES” sung by Tyrone Burwell, and produced by Al Johnson of “THE UNIFICS”. He also worked with executive producer Douglas Graham on this record, and few years later with a group named “MOOD EXPERIENCE”.

He performs locally in the DC area at such places as: ‘The Washington & Capital Hilton Hotels”, “the Sheraton Omni”, “Ramada Inns”, “The Top O’ The Town”, “The Weston & Four Seasons Hotel”, and most catering houses including; “Martin’s Crosswinds”, “La Fountaine Bleu” and many country clubs. Tony continues to record with the likes of Clifton Dyson on his “Mesmerized” cd (tracks 5,11,12),. He recorded with Eddie & Denise and “THE GOOD TYME BAND” (SEXY SENOR CITIZEN-SOOTHE ME). Mark Cruell (to be released), ‘“JAMMIN TEMPO” ( to be released).

Tony can be seen at local venues around the metropolitan area. Any correspondence can be sent to the address or email address listed below:

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'THP is Tony's first studio production and with the exception of two instruments was arranged and performed by him.   The arrangements combine funk and melody to deliver a thoroughly enjoyable experience.    Visit the following link to to sample and purchase digital tracks or order the CD.

Tony Harrod - "Yellow Bird"




Tony Harrod THP

I can still be seen at local venues around the metropolitan area.

Any correspondence can be sent to:

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